Image of the Goddess

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POETRY OF SPIRIT.COM seeks to make available poetry in performance that speaks to the heart about matters of the heart.

The purpose of poetry, most fundamentally, is to nourish and feed the soul, to touch the depths of insight and compassion, and to celebrate the life of the spirit. It can open a window to the Divine Source; it can serve to polish the heart; it may provide a path to God.

Before literacy was so widespread, poetry was intended to be heard rather than read. And it still is. Etheridge Knight, the great African American poet, said, “The words from my mouth are beating on the drum in your ear – so don’t think that this is casual.” And to Garrison Keillor, poetry is an “incantation” that renders “the gravity and grace and beauty of the ordinary world… thereby lending courage to strangers.”

Drawn from across the centuries and around the world, the selections featured in the CDs presented here are performed by Suzanne Sturn, an accomplished actress and director, a long-time professor of theatre, and a spiritual seeker in the Buddhist and Sufi traditions.