The Light and the Half Light

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The Light and the Half Light
Poems by William Butler Yeats
Read by Suzanne Sturn
Copyright 2011 by Suzanne Sturn and David Larstein, all rights reserved
Fiddle and Traditional Irish Tunes : Amina McNulty. Additional music: David Larstein
Through the Young Poet’s Eyes: The
Invisible World Breaks Through

1. Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
2. The Lake isle of innisfree

The Sorrow and Tenderness of Love
3. Fairy Song
4. When You Are Old
5. He Thinks of His Past Greatness
6. into the Twilight
7. The Sorrow of Love
8. Aedh Tells of the Rose in his Heart
Apprehending the Divine
9. The Happy Townland
10. The Fiddler of Dooney
11. The Secret Rose
Aspects of the Feminine
12. Sweet Dancer
13. When You Are Sad
14. The Heart of the Woman
15. The Lady’s First Song
16. The Lady’s Second Song
17. The Lady’s Third Song
18. Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment
19. Crazy Jane on Jack the Journeyman
20. Crazy Jane on God
21. Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop
22. Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks at the
23. Prayer of the Old Woman, An
Old Woman’s Lamentations by
J.m. Synge
24. Riders to the Sea, by J.m. Synge
25. The Stolen Child
26. Leda and the Swan
27. The Song of Wandering Aengus
28. The Blessed
The Poet Clashes with History
29. The Second Coming
Reflections of an Elder: Wisdom and

30. The Wild Swans at Coole
31. The Old men Admiring Themselves in
the Water
32. The Lover Pleads with his Friends for
Old Friends
33. Sailing to Byzantium
34. mohini Chatterjee
35. Vacillation
36. The Fairies’ Dancing Place